Volunteers needed

To run the event we need to have a number of marshals as the course in on a public area, along with help setting up, taking down and catering. The safety of athletes is paramount, so having marshals is essential. If you can help with any of these please e-mail Ian as soon as possible:
Setting up 9-11
Marshalling 12.45 – 3.30. We arrange marshals in 10 pairs and give full guidance – no experience necessary!
Clearing up 3.00 onwards. There’s a lot of tape, posts and rubbish bags to clear from the site
Catering 12- 3.30. Liz arranges these in time slots, and will be e mailing shortly. You are able to go out to see your child compete.

The event can’t take place without your help, so please aim to give us your help and support. If you have any questions, just ask either by e-mail or on Saturday mornings at training.

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