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SYAL track and field Cosford

The second league meeting takes place at Cosford on Thursday 25 May. Invitation cards have gone out and athletes should let team managers know as soon as possible if they can/ cannot attend.

The meeting starts at 6.45, but please arrive by 6.30 to ensure teams are organised. There is a proper stand at Cosford, so we meet there rather than by our tent. Numbers (A runners 5, B runners 55) and club vests must be worn.

Give yourself plenty of time for parking as there is limited space and it often gets very busy at the track.

The postcode for the track is WV7 3EX – simply follow directions for RAF Cosford Museum.

Shropshire County Champs

Once again we had a disappointing turnout from our athletes, with less than 20 competing (plus a few more who were representing their schools).

However, those who did compete were extremely successful:
Ophelia – U11G 150m silver, 600m bronze,
Lois – U11G 150m bronze,
Ruari – U13B hurdles silver, 1500m and high jump bronze,
James  – U13B discus silver,
Toby – U13B shot bronze,
Harriet  -U15G shot bronze,
Louix – 3000m silver
Alex – U17B triple and high jump silver
Robbie – 3000m bronze

Our county champions are:
Lois U11G cricket ball,
Rosie U11G long jump,
Beth U13G 1500m and 800m
Edith U15G 300m and 1500m

It was also great to see three relay teams competing – we were the only club apart from Telford to field any relay teams, and they deserve a special mention for their commitment, staying until after 5.30 to compete. Our U13B took gold, the U13G bronze.

Well done to everyone who took part, and to the fantastic support from their friends and families.

Wenlock Olympian Games 2017

Entries are now being taken for this year’s athletics, which take place on Sunday 9 July. We think of this as our ‘home’ event and encourage all members to take part. It is great day out, with plenty to see and good food on offer. There is a link to the entry form below, and we will also be handing them out at training.

Juniors might also be interested in the biathlon, which takes place on Saturday 8 July, and we always have a good turnout of seniors in the triathlon and road race. You can find full details of all games events at

We also provide catering for the games, which provides us with much of our funding for the year. Requests for volunteers will be going out nearer the time, so please help if you can.


Presentation Evening

Many thanks to all our members who attended the annual Presentation Evening on Friday 12 May. Traditionally we give out bronze, silver or gold awards to all members who achieve certain standards in track and field, and sportshall; as well as trophies and our legendary ‘gold’ T shirts to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution during the year. Some of these still need to be collected at training.

It was not a vintage year – despite several near misses, our only trophy went to the U11B Sportshall team, who were as a result awarded our ‘Team of the Year’.

The major individual  awards went to:

Oscar Thomas – Angel Trophy for outstanding U11 commitment

Sam Pickard – Club Member of the Year

Beth Rawlinson – Athlete of the Year


We rely on a small group of dedicated volunteers to coach, officiate and run all aspects of the club.

Administration: We currently have people looking after kit sales, membership and catering, but really need people to take on other administration roles, or participate in an informal ‘standing committee’ to run the club. We are also looking for someone to increase our online presence and communication.

Officials: All athletics competitions depend on a significant number of officials, from trained time keepers, to people prepared to rake sandpits. If clubs don’t provide sufficient officials, they are penalised points and their athletes suffer; equally if times are not recorded properly they will not count towards official PBs. We always need volunteers, and if you want to get more involved we can offer access to training.

Coaching: We can’t expand our membership without increasing our number of coaches. If you are interested in coaching we can offer access to courses and support from our existing dedicated team.

Team managment: It is really important that teams are organised, both before competitions, and on the day, to ensure that we have enough athletes, and that they are in the right place at the right time. We currently have a very good e mail system for inviting athletes to compete, but we are always looking for parents/ guardians to look after teams.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Ian (


Wenlock Olympians Athletics Club which is based at the Leisure Centre in Much Wenlock.  Club training takes place on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. The club accepts members from age 9 upwards and a waiting list is in place for under 9s. If you are interested in joining please contact the membership secretary – Vicki Jones at  For all other enquiries contact Ian Dadswell at Tel: 01952 882848

Presentation Evening

Our annual Presentation Evening is taking place this Friday, 12 May, at Priory Hall in Wenlock, starting at 7.30pm. All club members are invited; there is a bring your own buffet, with drinks provided by the club. Please could you email Ian ( to let us know
-If you are attending
-How many adults/ children in your group
-What food you are bringing (we suggest the equivalent of one plate per person – sandwiches, sausage rolls, pizza, cake etc).

Many thanks.

Due to the Presentation Evening and the County Champs,
there is no training for U13+ athletes this Sat 13 May. There will be training for U11s 9.00-10.00 only.

County Champs timetable


SATURDAY 13th MAY 2017
T1 10.30 70mH U13 Girls (7) Final T36 14.45 200m U13 Girls (13) Heats
T2 10.35 600m U11 Girls(5) Final T37 14.50 200m U13 Boys(17) Heats
600m U11 Boys(10) Final T38 15.01 200m U15 Girls(19) Heats
T3 10.40 75mH U15 Girls (14) Heats T39 15.08 200m U15 Boys(16) Heats
T4 10.50 75mH U13 Boys (3) Final T40 15.14 200m U17 Men (10) Heats
T5 10.55 800m U17/JW/SW (7) Final T41 15.20 1500m U13 Girls(8) Final
T6 11.00 80mH U15 Boys (11) Heats T42 15.26 1500m U13 Boys (17) Final
T7 11.05 800m Jun/Sen/Vet Men (11) Final T43 15.35 1500m U15 Girls(17) Final
T8 11.15 100mH U17 Men (3) Final T44 15.45 1500m U15 Boys(18) Final
T9 11.15 100mH Jun/Sen Women (4) Final T45 15.55 1500m U17 Men (10) Final
T10 11.20 800m U17 Men (9) Final T46 16.05 1500m U17/Jun/Sen/Vet Women(5) Final
T11 11.25 110mH Jun/Sen  Men (3) Final T47 16.15 1500m Jun/Sen/Vet men(6) Final
T12 11.35 75mH U15 Girls Final T48 16.25 150m U11 Girls(5) Final
T13 11.45 80mH U17 Women (5) Final T49 16.30 150m U11 Boys(7) Final
T14 11.50 80mH U15 Boys Final T50 16.34 200m U13 Girls Final
T15 11.58 100m U13 Girls (16) Heats T51 16.38 200m U13 Boys Final
T16 12.08 100m U13 Boys (13) Heats T52 16.42 200m U15 Girls Final
T17 12.14 100m U15 Girls (18) Heats T53 16.46 200m U15 Boys Final
T18 12.20 100m U15 Boys (15) Heats T54 16.50 200m U17 Women (8) Final
T19 12.25 100m U17 Men (10) Heats T55 16.54 200m U17 Men Final
T20 12.30 Break T56 16.58 200m JunSen Women (6) Final
T21 13.20 60m U11 Girls (3) Final T57 17.02 200m Jun/Sen/Vet Men (5) Final
T22 13.23 60m U11 Boys(8) Final T58 17.10 300m U15 Girls Final
T23 13.26 100m U13 Girls Final T59 17.15 300m U15 Boys (5) Final
T24 13.30 100m U13 Boys Final T60 17.20 300m U17 Women (7) Final
T25 13.34 100m U15 Girls Final T61 17.17 400m Jun/Sen Women(5) Final
T26 13.38 100m U15 Boys Final T62 17.21 400m U17 Men Final
T27 13.42 100m U17 Women (7) Final T63 17.25 400m Jun/Sen/Vet Men(7) Final
T28 13.46 100m U17 Men Final T64 17.30 4 x 100 U13 Boys(3) Final
T29 13.50 100m Jun Women (7) Final 4 x 100 U13 Girls(4) Final
T30 13.54 100m Sen Women (2) Final 4 x 100 U15 Boys(2) Final
T31 13.58 100m Jun/Sen Men (7) Final 4 x 100 U15 Girls (4) Final
T32 14.02 100m Sen/Vet Men (2) Final 4 x 100 U17/Jun/Sen Women(4) Final
T33 14.08 300m U15 Girls (10) Heats 4 x 100 U17/Jun/Sen Men(5) Final
T34 14.14 400m U17 Men (9) Heats
T35 14.25 300mH U17 Women (1) Final
T36 14.35 400mh U17/Jun/Sen Men/Wom Final
F1 9.45 Long Jump  U13 Girls(23) F16 13.25 Javelin U17/ Jun/Sen/Vet Women (7)
F2 9.45 Triple Jump U17/Jun/Sen women(10) F17 14.10 Discus U13/U15 Boys(8)
F3 9.45 Javelin U13/U15 Boys(18) F18 14.20 Long Jump U17 Men (15)
F4 10.30 Shot Putt U13/U15 Boys (17) F19 14.30 Shot Putt U13/U15 Girls(16)
F5 10.45 High Jump U13/15 Boys (17) F20 14.45 Discus U17/Jun/Sen/Vet Men (13)
F6 10.50 Javelin U17 Jun/Sen/vet Men Men (18) F21 14.45 High Jump U17/Jun/Sen  Men(10)
F7 11.00 Long Jump U15 Girls (31) F22 15.15 Long Jump U17/Jun/Sen/Vet Women(15)
F8 11.40 Long Jump U11 girls (3) F23 15.15 Long Jump U11 Boys (6)
F9 12.00 Long Jump Jun/Senior/Vet Men (8) F24 15.35 Shot Putt U17/Jun/Sen/Vet Men (13)
F10 12.05 Javelin U13/U15 Girls (16) F25 15.50 U11Girls and Boys Cricket Ball (10)
F11 12.15 Shot Putt U17/Jun/Sen/Vet Women (10) F26 15.50 Discus U13/U15 Girls(15)
F12 12.40 High Jump U13/U15 Girls(18) F27 16.10 Triple Jump U15 Boys (3)
F13 12.50 Long Jump U13 Boys (18) F28 16.30 High Jump U17/Jun/Sen/Vet Women (9)
F14 13.00 Pole Vault (2) F29 16.40 Triple Jump  U17/Jun/SEN/VET Men (7)
F15 13.35 Long Jump U15 Boys(20) F30 16.40 Discus U17/Jun/Sen Women(9)
THURSDAY 18th MAY 2017
19.00 800m U15 Girls (17) Final
19.07 800m U13 Girls (7) Final
19.20 800m U13 Boys (13) Final
19.27 800m U15 Boys (11) Final
19.35 3000m U15B,U15 girls (10)
19.50 3000m ,U17W/M,Jun and Sen Men/Women (16) Final
19.00 Hammer (9)
If there are insufficient entries for heats, finals will be held at heat times

First SYAL meeting results

It was unseasonably cold at Telford on 27 April, but we had some impressive individual performances – Shona, Beth, Harriet, Edith, Louix and Thea all won their races.

We didn’t manage to field full teams in all age groups, and this is perhaps reflected in our overall results. But congratulations to the U13B and U15G who finished 3rd and, especially, the U17G who won on the night. As a club we finished 4th, but are only one league point behind Shrewsbury.

The next competition is at Cosford on 25 May.